Our Photography

The best images are created through a collaboration between the photographer and the customer and or subject, and most images are captured with a reason in mind, whether this is to capture a memorable occasion, images for a portfolio or even as a gift. Images are even used to assist with the sale of cars and houses showing  things off to their full potential, making adverts stand out among many. Our photography is diverse and adaptable to make pictures meet the requirements of the intended end result.

If you have a photography requirement get in touch, let us know what your requirements are 

On Location

On location photo shoots, we are based in Essex, but we are happy to travel to other areas for photo shoots, if there is somewhere that you would like a photo shoot get in touch. If you feel that nerves or lack of experience in front of the camera will affect your experience, we can invite one of our friendly ambassadors along, our ambassadors are valued members of our team and can help you get the most out of your photoshoot. After the shoot we will make a password protected gallery for you to view the photos make your selections and order.


We can visit dance schools and studios and work with dance teachers after the shoot we would put the photos into a password protected gallery, these can then be viewed selected and either purchased directly from us or through the school or studio, we can also visit a private studio, hall or help to arrange somewhere for a studio photo shoot the  location just needs to have enough  space for a backdrop, lights, and some power

On Stage

Although it’s not always possible, we aim to capture photos of each performance on the day.  The usual process for our dance competition photography is to have photos that can be viewed with one of our team, purchased and printed on the day while at the event. At the  end of the event we go through the photos and remove those that show things like costume disasters and images that we feel could be taken out of context, we then upload the remaining photos into password protected galleries so performers and their families can view and purchase photos online